On April 7, 2012, in Blog, by Atomic-Dog Marketing

I appreciate smart, funny, thoughtful, and thought-provoking marketing and advertising as much as the next person. But sometimes an ad or marketing campaign makes me scratch my head and reduces me to Tom Hanks in Big when his nemesis, played by the actor John Heard, presents an idea of a Skyscraper that turns into a robot, to which Tom Hanks responds with, “I don’t get it.”

Okay, perhaps my reaction to the ad isn’t that I don’t get it, but that…oh, I’ll let the post title of Copyranter blogger Mark Duffy speak for me…

Nike’s Barf-Inducing Commercial From Last Night’s “American Idol”

And I also agree with Mark’s final thought on the ad…

A 2:30 commercial on American Idol, though—that cost a $HITLOAD.

Now that is what I don’t get.


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